NC: GOP candidate Ellmers runs ad focused on Ground Zero mosque

Posted on: September 22nd, 2010 by The American Independent No Comments

Renee Ellmers, a nurse challenging incumbent Democrat Bob Etheridge in the North Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District, has released her first ad of the campaign. The ad centers around the controversy surrounding a proposed Islamic community center to be built near Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan.

The ad proceeds to conflate the possible community center near Ground Zero to a “victory mosque.” The ad begins, “After the Muslims conquered Jerusalem, and Cordoba and Constantinople, they built victory mosques. And now, they want to build a mosque near Ground Zero.” The voiceover asks, “Where does Bob Etheridge stand? He won’t say, won’t speak out, won’t take a stand.” Then Ellmers appears to assert, “The terrorists haven’t won, and we should tell them in plain English, ‘No, there will never be a mosque at Ground Zero.’”

Watch the ad:

On the Issues page of her website, Ellmers’ position on national security reads:

We must protect the security of our nation. We must support our military and outfit them with the best tools, technology and equipment to win the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. My opponent voted to end the war in Iraq in August 2008. He also voted to close down the prison at Guantanamo Bay, which would release terrorists to local prisons and allow them to be on trial in American cities. This is not a safe or wise policy for protecting our children and grandchildren.

In August, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin endorsed Ellmers; she is the only candidate in North Carolina to receive backing from Palin.

At the end of the 2nd quarter, Ellmers had $41,955 cash on hand. The polling site FiveThirtyEight gives Etheridge a 91.2 percent chance of retaining his seat. It was previously announced that Americans for Job Security, a conservative 527 group, will spend $800,000 on advertising attempting to link Etheridge and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.


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