MN: Bradlee Dean says Bachmann, Emmer will appear in his new video

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Rep. Michele Bachmann and GOP gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer will appear in a documentary by Bradlee Dean, the front man for the controversial ministry You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International said on his radio program Saturday. Dean also said that LGBT people protesting Target over political contributions to groups supporting Emmer are “criminals.”

Dean invited listeners to attend his upcoming documentary, “My War.”

“I’m not trying to draw you by saying there’s going to be some celebrities,” he joked. “In the videos we actually have Michele Bachmann talking about … she’s in the press a lot, the righteous do love her… she’s a part of it. She will be talking about the National Education Association and No Child Left Behind.”

Dean continued, “We’ll have Emmer in there, you know, my best friend. The reason that he is my best friend is because the homosexuals brought me into the politics.”

The Emmer campaign took heat earlier this summer for contributing funds to a fundraiser for Dean’s ministry and saying of the ministry, “these are nice people,” a week after Dean said that Muslim countries that call for the execution of gays are “more moral” than American Christians. Dean later backed off that statement.

On Saturday’s show, however, Dean called LGBT people “criminals” and criticized those who are protesting Target. Boycotts and protests of the Minneapolis-based retailer followed its contribution of $150,000 to MN Forward, an independent expenditure group that’s backing Emmer.

“It’s time to enforce the laws!” said Dean. “You have a bunch of homosexuals — I’m sorry a very small number of homosexuals — protesting Target. You have a bunch of criminals protesting Target. How does that work? Why do you tolerate that?”

The Emmer campaign did not return the Minnesota Independent’s request for confirmation that Emmer makes an appearance in Dean’s video, “My War.”

Bachmann, who Dean also says will appear in the documentary, has been a long time supporter of Dean’s ministry and has appeared at several events to raise funds for the group.

Here are audio clips of Dean’s radio show courtesy of the Dump Bachmann blog:

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