Sarah Palin and Rick Perry cross paths at Dallas pro-life fundraiser

Posted on: November 11th, 2010 by Patrick Brendel 4 Comments

“Choosing life may not be the easiest path, but it’s the right choice,” said former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin at the Majestic Theatre in Dallas.

Speaking from her own experiences — from giving birth to a child who had been diagnosed with Down syndrome to facing the challenge of having a 17-year-old pregnant teenage daughter — Palin drew a friendly crowd of about 800 as part of a benefit event Wednesday designed to raise funds for Heroic Media, an organization that’s quickly becoming a leader in the pro-life movement in Texas and is reaching out to other states like Illinois and Florida as well.

According to Heroic Media, a faith-based non-profit organization reducing abortion through advertising, Austin is the only metropolitan city in Texas whose number of abortions has dropped every year from 2003 to 2007. The group — headquartered in Austin and formerly known as Majella Cares — is currently planning a Dallas-based media campaign with the help of the event’s proceeds.

Palin, the keynote speaker of the event, spent much of her time discussing current politics. “You patriotic hardworking Americans, don’t you love your freedom?” she asked the crowd. She applauded the efforts of pro-life candidates in the recent elections and conservatives around the country who elected Republican congressmen “to get our economy back on track.”

The ramifications of the health care law, she said, are “horrendous,” adding that Pres. Barack Obama, whom she called “the most pro-abortion president to occupy the White House,” has failed to make sure abortions are not covered by federal funding.

Gov. Rick Perry echoed similar sentiments in his brief speech. “The federal government continues to undermine the laws that prevent funding for abortions,” he said. “We’ve got to keep protesting louder and let them know that we are fed up.”

Perry later signed copies of his book, titled Fed Up!, in the theater lobby.

Palin went on to discuss her support of pro-life organizations. Pro-choice groups make women feel inferior by saying they can’t handle motherhood, she said. “I’m very grateful for [Heroic Media] telling young women that they are strong enough [to choose life].”

“Every innocent life does matter… every child is beautiful before God,” Palin said. “We need to be working hard to create that culture of life.”

The event also featured remarks by Attorney General Greg Abbott and tea party favorite Pastor Stephen Broden, who lost his general election challenge to Democratic U.S. Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson this year.

“Life precedes happiness,” said Broden. “That message needs to resound in Congress. This is serious business.”

Part of the event showed a number of commercials and advertisements by Heroic Media. According to the group, minorities are often targeted by pro-choice organizations and abortion clinics. The group concluded that in 2008, 75 percent of Dallas County abortions were performed on minority women.

“Margaret Sanger has targeted African Americans. This must stop,” said Broden.

Gov. Perry called Texas “the most pro-life state in the nation.” He went on to say the state needs to ensure a well-funded adoption system. “The message needs to be that there are no unwanted children in this state.”

Majella Cares and Heroic Media founder Brian Follett has been a prolific donor to GOP candidates and causes over the years, giving more than $185,000 on the state and federal level since 2001. He has given $45,000 to Perry (including $20,000 in February 2010) and $47,500 to former section 527 group Swift Boat Vets and POWs for Truth.

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