A note from the North Carolina Independent News editor

Posted on: February 15th, 2011 by Ned Barnett 7 Comments

The staff of the North Carolina Independent News regrets to tell its readers that, as of today, NCIN is suspending operations.

NCIN opened in August 2010 as a six-month pilot project of the American Independent News Network, established as a state page on our flagship website, The American Independent. Our aim was to see if having a state page with reporters and funders from that state could be  a replicable model for producing original investigative political journalism on a statewide basis. While NCIN achieved great success in terms of having support from its readership, it was unable to find continued financial support beyond its trial period.

Nonetheless, what was invested in the North Carolina Independent News produced a bountiful return in extensive and probing coverage generated largely by a two-person staff, myself in Raleigh and reporter Aaron Sarver in Asheville. We are grateful for the positive response our work received from fellow members of the press and readers.

As the economy and readership trends have pushed  the mainstream media to cut back on government and political coverage, the North Carolina Independent News showed how that gap can be addressed by non-profit, online journalism. We are proud of the work that we have done, particularly around the Wake County School Board, a controversial Buncombe County GOP 9/11 fundraiser and the nascent session of the state General Assembly.

We end our work here with admiration for the deep interest North Carolinians take in advancing good journalism and responsive government.