Ron Paul plans more trips this spring to key presidential primary states

Posted on: March 30th, 2011 by Patrick Brendel 4 Comments

Image by: Matt MahurinDeclaring that recent visits to Iowa, New Hampshire and North Carolina were successes, U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (R-Clute) says more trips to key primary battlegrounds are in the works, as well as national media appearances. In the letter to supporters Tuesday evening, Paul also referred to himself as a “major potential presidential candidate.”

In the email, Paul said:

“On April 11th, I will head to Iowa to speak at Dordt College and then attend several events in the East.

On April 20th, I will go to Mississippi State University, and then on to Florida State on April 21st.

On April 25th, I will be in New York City for a book signing and appearances on no less than 6 tv shows, including The View and The Colbert Report.

And finally, on April 28, I will head to The University of Nevada in Reno.

I am also considering an additional trip to New Hampshire in April, and then trips to New Hampshire, Iowa, and Nevada in May.”

In January, Paul made a brief appearance via video feed on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, where he sparred with New York Times reporter David Leonhardt about monetary policy and the gold standard, as the Texas Independent previously reported.

While Paul’s son U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has said it’s probably that one of the Pauls will run for the White House in 2012, neither has committed to a presidential campaign, nor has Ron Paul made a formal decision regarding the U.S. Senate seat opening up in Texas.

However, the rhetoric in correspondence to supporters from the senior Paul seems to indicate that he’s leaning toward a national, rather than a statewide campaign. Paul is using his leadership committee Liberty PAC as his fundraising vehicle in order to finance his trips to the different states.

In Tuesday’s email, Paul said:

“I spent Wednesday speaking with Iowans and meeting with homeschoolers. The response was terrific! Homeschool students really understand the threat big government posses to our country, and they responded wonderfully when I told them about my efforts to get out of the United Nations and to win them $5,000 tax credits. I am also the only major potential presidential candidate who will pledge to abolish the Department of Education.

I also met with the Governor of Iowa and the chairman of the Iowa Republican Party. Just a few years ago, their doors would have no doubt been closed to me, but thanks to all of our hard work, those in power are seeing the strength of our ideas and are becoming more and more receptive. We are winning hearts and changing minds.”

About his visit to New Hampshire, Paul said, “I got the feeling that the Granite State is energized and ready for a Revolution!”

In the email, Paul does not refer to his recent statements on the unconstitutionality of the United States’ involvement in the war in Libya. The Houston Chronicle’s Texas on the Potomac blog republished the latest edition of Paul’s regular column, where he elaborates on his viewpoint.

Meanwhile, former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, who has been called “the next Ron Paul,” is set to announce his own White House run in April, as our sister publication The New Mexico Independent previously reported.

(Image by: Matt Mahurin)

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