Texas headlines: Perry to announce soon, UT regent suggests supporters respond with cash

Posted on: August 8th, 2011 by Patrick Michels 3 Comments

Two years ago, Gov. Rick Perry appointed commercial real estate developer Gene Powell to a seat on the University of Texas System Board of Regents. Today, Powell is helping raise money and drum up excitement for Perry’s coming run at the presidency, as The Fix pointed out this morning.

In an email obtained by The Fix, Powell says there’ll be one major fundraiser for Perry in San Antonio Sept. 1, following Perry’s official word that he’s running. “We expect that announcement in a week to ten days,” Powell writes.

Perry adviser David Carney told the Fix that the no one should read too much into the e-mail, which he says contains some factual inaccuracies.

“While we are encouraged by this enthusiasm, we have not made the final decision, as even this email indicates,” Carney wrote in an e-mail, “and there are some other items in that email that are incorrect, but it just goes to demonstrate how excited some of our folks are.”

Perry will be working the crowd himself in New Hampshire next weekend, reports the Union-Leader, at a “house party” at the home of state Rep. Pamela Tucker, R-Greenland, who was part of a delegation to meet with the governor in Austin.

With much more national scrutiny headed Perry’s way soon, the Austin American-Statesman looked back today on the federal subsidies Perry took, in his farming days, not to work his 40 acres in Haskell County. The Houston Chronicle offers another glimpse at overlooked Perry memories, recalling his days selling Bible reading supplements door-to-door.

More headlines:

Texas Observer: Rick Perry: Preacher, Prophet… President?
The Response was a gathering of the different tribes of American fundamentalism – Christian Zionists, prayer warriors, apostolic and prophetic types, etc. – under the umbrella of political and spiritual revival. The notion that a governor had initiated the event was not lost on the speakers. Indeed, it was integral to the power of the event.

National Review Online: Rick Perry Leads the Way on Higher-Ed Reform
Over the past two years, Gov. Chris Christie, by picking and winning a battle against the teachers’ unions in one of the bluest states in the country, has shown other conservative leaders that it is possible to take on the Left’s most powerful special-interest groups. Gov. Rick Perry may be in the process of teaching conservatives a similar lesson by taking on another sacred cow: the higher-education establishment.

Houston Chronicle: Fee meant for poor is used to aid GOP cause
Instead of serving its intended humanitarian purpose, the state’s $650 million System Benefit Fund now serves a political one — permitting Perry and other Republican leaders to keep their “no new taxes” pledge.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Prosecutors find glitches in human trafficking, sexting and domestic abuse laws
Texas prosecutors may not enforce new laws passed by the Legislature this year dealing with human trafficking, sexting and domestic abuse because of problems with how they were written.

Houston Chronicle: ‘Browns vs. gray’ divide likely to shape Texas politics
When Gov. Rick Perry showed up in San Antonio earlier this summer to deliver brief remarks to the annual gathering of the National Association of Latino Elected Officials, he sauntered inadvertently into a demographic dispute of epic proportions.

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