‘Occupy’ movement helps homeowner avoid foreclosure

Posted on: October 17th, 2011 by The American Independent No Comments

Rose Gudiel was unable to get a loan modification from the company that services her mortgage and facing imminent eviction when Occupy Wall Street activists in Los Angeles mounted a campaign to help her keep her home.

MSNBC reports that Fannie Mae canceled an eviction notice and offered new mortgage terms after hundreds joined Gudiel in a protest in front of the $26 million Bel Air mansion owned by Steve Mnuchin, the CEO of OneWest, the company that serviced her mortgage.

A day later, many joined her at a sit-in at the Pasadena branch of Fannie Mae, where television captured Rose Gudiel’s disabled mother giving an impassioned plea for her home. Rose, her mother, Rose Marie and seven other protesters — some of them from “Occupy LA” — were arrested, and taken away in a paddy wagon as TV cameras rolled. They were cited and quickly released.

The next day, Rose Gudiel announced to a cheering crowd that she had received a letter from the bank inviting her to discuss a loan modification proposal.

Gudiel connected with allies by telling her story at a general assembly meeting organized by the Occupy Wall St. demonstrators in L.A.

Similar assemblies are being organized in cities across the country.

Housing activist Bruce Marks, founder of the non-profit Neighborhood Assistance Corp. of America, told MSNBC that he thinks the collective action to save Gudiel’s home will help others in similar situations.

“It has a tremendous impact,” Marks said. “Now at OneWest you are going to see a lot more solutions. … The people getting (benefit from the protest) won’t even know that those two hundred people put themselves on the line.”

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