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Women's health advocates blast proposed GOP spending bill that would kill family-planning funding

SBA List ad attacks Obama and his 'one friend,' abortion providers

Anti-abortion-rights policy group the Susan B.

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While Texas CPCs get more money, welfare programs they refer to are cut

As Texas cuts family-planning funding, more goes to crisis-pregnancy services

Groups use Bachmann's claims against Perry, Merck to urge veto of Calif. HPV-vaccine bill

Congressional HIV/AIDS Caucus signals effort to treat more HIV-positives globally

Virginia abortion-rights rally attempts to sway health board from adopting 'TRAP' clinic regulations

A coalition of reproductive-rights advocates in Virginia will be joined by state leaders in protesting Wednesday new proposed abortion clinic regulations, which the Virginia Board of Health will vo

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Study suggests more than socioeconomic factors at work when choosing birth-control methods

A recent study of sexually-active women in California finds that socioeconomic status does not fully explain why certain groups of women in the Golden State use more effective birth-control methods

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Perry criticized by family-planning friends and foes on Texas funding, HPV policy

Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the lobbying arm of Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), has

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Anti-abortion rights group misrepresents data, claims birth control is ineffective, ‘deadly’


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