Working the GOP's Weak Spot

Bill Clinton Bob Dole photo

From the June/July/August 2014 edition, Washington Monthly magazine:

On April 30, Senate Republicans filibustered a bill sponsored by the Democrats and heavily promoted by President Obama that would have raised the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 an hour. It was an impressive show of unity by GOP senators, only one of whom, Bob Corker of Tennessee, supported the Democrats' failed effort to send the bill to the floor for a vote.

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Catholic power dynamics highlighted in Colorado funding flap

The political tug-of-war waging within the U.S.

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Hawkish Think Tank Nets Millions From Home Depot Founder, Wealthy Republicans

Home Depot Co-Founder Bernard Marcus

Home Depot Co-Founder Bernard Marcus. (Flickr/Robert Huffstutter)

This story was first published by Salon.

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University of Texas professor behind controversial study wades further into gay-marriage debate

SCOTUS protest

Gay-marriage friends and foes gather in front of U.S. Supreme Court as justices hear arguments in the U.S. v. Windsor, surrounding the Defense of Marriage Act, March 27, 2013 (THE AMERICAN INDEPENDENT/Sofia Resnick).

“You are a researcher, not an advocate. You are simply reporting on what the data tells us.”

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