Frequently Asked Questions

What role do we play, aside from issuing grants?

We serve in a variety of roles to provide guidance for our reporters. As stories unfold, we expect to be sounding boards to discuss research and reporting. We often function as your story's first line editor, depending on the needs of the reporter and the host outlet. Finally, we will help publicize the works of our reporters to maximize exposure and impact for each of our projects.

What are your requirements, other than completing your project on time?

We ask that reporters make us aware of any major changes the story's publisher might want to make to the project at the editing stage. All projects must properly credit The American Independent Institute.

How are payments handled?

We will pay the first half of our stipend after acceptance and a contract has been reviewed and signed by both parties. We pay the second half after the terms of the contract have been met and the project has been successfully published or aired.

Do you only fund print journalism projects?

No. Most of our projects will result in print magazine and website-published stories. But we are also interested in considering grant requests for books – as well as investigative reporting proposals in other media forms, including film, and from nonprofit groups.

Will you respond to each application?


If my project idea is approved, what happens next?

You will receive a proposed contract, which will include a brief description of the project, the grant amount and deadline. You'll sign it and return it to us, and then you’re off to the races.

Can former applicants submit new pitches once their first project is finished?


How can I contact you moving forward?

Any questions, please feel free to contact Director Sam Skolnik by email at sskolnik(at), or by calling Sam at (202) 999-4794.