How To Apply

We will review project proposals as they come in. There are no set deadlines. We will respond to each submission as quickly as possible, including possible suggestions for revision before formal consideration. Applicants should send an email to the Institute's director, Sam Skolnik, at sskolnik(at) with the following information:

Please write "TAII project application" in the subject line of the email.

Include a proposal of no more than three pages that outlines the story you plan to tell, how you plan to tell it, what types of sources you'll use, how long you'll need to complete it, and what type of impact you hope the project will have.

The proposal should include an explanation of how your project will be new and unique, or how it will clearly and significantly advance a story in the public interest.

Attach a resume or bio.

Attach a budget that includes A) the predicted expenses associated with the project, including a detailed explanation of how you plan to spend the stipend, and B) the amount of the stipend you are requesting.

Link to or attach two or three writing samples (no more than that, please). Published authors may submit a book chapter as one of the samples.

Include the names and contact information for two or three professional references.

Finally, if you're not sure whether your story fits with the types of projects we typically fund, feel free to send us a note with an abbreviated story pitch first, and we'll let you know if we're interested in a full proposal.