DECIMATED: 10 percent of Earth's wilderness depleted in less than 20 years


A new study has produced sobering findings about the current condition of our planet. "Only about 23 percent of the world’s land area remains wilderness."

From CBS News:

About a tenth of the Earth’s wilderness has been lost since the 1990s. Over the last 20 years, a total area half the size of the Amazon and twice the size of Alaska has been depleted...The study shows that, right now, only about 23 percent of the world’s land area remains wilderness.

The study's lead author, James Watson notes that "all of the various factors that contribute to habitat loss ultimately have a negative effect on future generations."

Oscar Venter, co-author of the study, adds:

“A lot of the Amazon has been lost, the mangrove ecosystems, which are really important wilderness areas have been hit. They are a nursery ground for a lot of the world’s wildlife — young fish are reared in these mangrove ecosystems, they are a base for a lot of the fisheries. Now, there is almost no wilderness left in the mangroves.”

At this pace, will anything be left for our children?