19 times Mike Pence made a complete fool of himself for Trump this year


Mike Pence cemented his position of being a ridiculous joke in service of Trump for nearly all of 2018.

Mike Pence's subservient role within the Trump administration saw him making a fool of himself, loud and proud, in front of the world.

Pence spent the year demonstrating how incompetent the Trump team is by attacking Trump's perceived enemies, making excuses for Trump, and humiliating himself and his position. All for Trump.

Trump's incompetence poster boy

  • Sent to South Korea as America's official representative, Pence showed up late to the VIP reception and had to awkwardly walk around from table to table for a meet and greet. He ended up avoiding key interactions with UN and Olympic officials that a normal delegation would have participated in.
  • Pence looked silly in an interview where he defended Trump's desire to hold a vain military parade in America, then seconds later attacked Kim Jong Un's regime in North Korea for having the same sort of events.

Trump's attack poodle

  • Instead of standing by the Constitution, Pence gushed about Trump's free speech attacks, telling a reporter, "he's a fighter!"
  • Instead of supporting the First Amendment, Pence told a reporter that a White House ban on a CNN reporter was part of "maintaining the decorum," and would not entertain an open exchange between journalists and Trump.
  • It was revealed that Pence's stunt to prop up Trump's racist attacks on NFL players cost taxpayers at least $325,000 to shuttle Pence all over the country, merely to engage in phony moralizing.

Pence looks like a fool for Trump

  • Pence initially declared the details of Trump's hush money payoffs to porn star Stormy Daniels as "baseless allegations," but when details of how Trump arranged the payments emerged, Pence merely went quiet.

Trump's excuse man

  • When the public became aware of the existence of a domestic abuser in the White House team and those in the administration who defended him, Pence brushed off concerns and described the incident as a "staffing matter."
  • Trump has enabled rampant corruption in the presidency, and in response to news that Trump's personal lawyer was selling off access to corporations, Pence told a reporter the corruption was merely a "private matter."

Publicly humiliated for Trump

  • Pence hosted a fake rabbi at an event just says after a mass shooting at a synagogue and was widely condemned for the action.
  • Trump attacked celebrities like Oprah Winfrey for campaigning for Democratic candidates in Georgia and said, "This ain't Hollywood. This is Georgia!" But Georgia is one of the biggest sites for film production, an industry that pumps billions into the state's economy.
  • At a political rally for a pro-Trump PAC, Pence was showered with protests of "shame on you!" by protesters calling out Trump's decision to separate children from their families at the border.
  • Despite his longtime identification with conservative Christians, Pence was vocally opposed by attendees at the Southern Baptist Convention. They were concerned with the Trump administration's anti-immigrant stance and supported a measure to replace his speech slot with prayer.
  • Trump was called out for his racist actions during a speech on Martin Luther King Jr. Day by Pastor Dr. Maurice Watson at a church in Baltimore while Pence was in attendance as part of the administration's lip service to minority communities. Pence had to take in an earful of admonition over his racist political partner, and a local news station reported that Pence was "red-faced" during the speech.
  • Pence said he "really would hope not" when asked if a member of his inner circle wrote an anonymous New York Times op-ed exposing Trump. Then he quickly realized his response meant it was a possibility. So he then asked the reporter to turn the camera back on so he could record a new, stronger answer.
  • Appearing before the NRA at their annual meeting, Pence told the gun extremist group he was their "friend." Two weeks later, while expressing supposed sympathy for the victims of a school shooting not far from the same site in Texas, Pence told victims "we're with you." But you can't have it both ways.
  • Pence appeared at an event with conspiracy theorist and racist former Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Instead of giving him the cold shoulder, Pence loudly praised the fringe figure as a "champion" of the "rule of law."

Lying for Trump

  • To bolster a completely invented racist Trump claim that dangerous Middle Easterners were a part of the migrant "caravan" headed north, Pence, using bizarre logic, said that if a migrant wasn't Honduran, they could be Middle Eastern.
  • Trump did not act to defend military pay during the government shutdown, which President Barack Obama did in 2013. Speaking in front of soldiers, Pence simply lied and said Trump was defending them during the political infighting.
  • Pence claimed with a straight face that a story about Trump aides having to pilfer a document from the Oval Office to prevent a disastrous Trump action on trade never happened. But there was evidence given to reporters, and even Fox News had to make it clear to Pence that "it did happen."

Over the last 12 months, if Pence was in the public eye, there were good odds that he was doing something completely embarrassing and often beyond the pale of good taste and acceptable behavior.

In addition to having a serial case of foot-in-mouth disease, Pence added to his reputation of being a blatant liar and provocateur. He long ago abandoned being a serious figure, but he continues to be a key performer in Trump's large clown show.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.