Sally Yates at convention: Trump 'treats our country like it's his family business'


The former acting attorney general called Trump out for 'bankrupting our moral authority at home and abroad.'

On night two of the Democratic National Convention, former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates hit upon exactly the problem with Donald Trump's helming of America: He treats the country like he treats his family business.

Yates, who spent nearly 30 years in the Department of Justice under both Democratic and Republican presidents, was dismissed by Trump 10 days into his term when she refused to defend his, as she put it tonight, "shameful and unlawful" Muslim travel ban.

Prior to the Trump administration, Yates had a distinguished and lengthy career. She prosecuted major cases such as the 1996 Olympic bombing in Atlanta. In 2015, when then-President Barack Obama tapped her to be the second in command at the Department of Justice, she was confirmed by an overwhelming bipartisan majority in the Senate. None of that mattered to Trump, however, who sought only someone who would defend his travel ban regardless of its legality.

On Tuesday night, Yates highlighted the differences between Trump and Vice President Joe Biden:

Put simply, [Trump] treats our country like it's his family business, this time bankrupting our moral authority at home and abroad.


But our country doesn't belong to him, it belongs to all of us.


Joe Biden embraces that. He's led his entire life putting our country first. He never backed down from a challenge or a bullet. He summons the best in us and lives by the values that define us as Americans: Service, integrity, courage, compassion.


There are countless stories of Joe Biden reaching out to someone in their moment of need. Well, this is our country's moment of need. We need a president who respects our laws and the privilege of public service, who reflects our values and cares about our people. We need a president who will restore the soul of America. We need Joe Biden.

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