300 religious leaders: 'Profound moral failings and crimes render Judge Moore unfit'


Faith leaders from all over the country are coming together in condemnation of Roy Moore.

A stunning number of Republicans are still backing disgraced ex-judge Roy Moore in the race to fill Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Senate seat in Alabama, even though the accusations of serial child molestation and sexual assault continue to mount.

And on Tuesday, Donald Trump proclaimed his unconditional support for Moore, giving his seal of approval as head of the GOP.

But religious leaders are having none of it.

According to the New York Daily News, over 300 faith leaders — mostly Christian — have signed an open letter from the Faith in Public Life group, titled "I believe the women. Misogyny is sin."

The signers of the letter proclaimed their solidarity with Moore’s nine victims and blasted Moore as "unfit to serve."

As a person of faith, I wholeheartedly believe the courageous women who have shared their stories of being sexually preyed upon and assaulted by Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore as teenage girls.

These profound moral failings and crimes render Judge Moore unfit to serve in the U.S. Senate. I stand with and pray for these women who have bravely come forward and spoken out.

"As a culture, we have nurtured a sick, sinful misogyny that punishes women for speaking up and enables abusers to thrive," the letter continues. The faith leaders promise they will "stand against the dark currents in our culture that dehumanize women."

This open letter follows another from 70 Alabama pastors, who proclaimed that "No person of faith can, in good conscience, support" Moore.

Previously, Moore and his wife had tried to quiet the sex abuse allegations by posting a letter of endorsement from over 50 other Alabama pastors. Unfortunately for Moore, it turned out the letter was a deceptively edited version of an endorsement from the primary, and some of the pastors on that list demanded to be removed.

Moore prides himself on being "God-fearing" and espouses a Dominionist ideology that states God’s word supersedes the Constitution. He was fired from the Alabama Supreme Court twice for trying to impose Christianity on state law. So for religious leaders to come out against him in these numbers is highly revealing.

Republicans must take reflection and realize they are not supporting any religious principles by supporting Moore. They are only supporting their own shallow political ends.