Dear GOP: 60 million Hillary voters will not be silenced


Donald Trump won the Electoral College and thus will be our next president. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, which signals that her values are the values of the majority of voters. Trump and the GOP cannot claim a mandate.

The past 48 hours have been a wake up call for many Americans. Republicans will now run the country and if the election is any guide, the national media (with a few exceptions) will refuse to hold them accountable.

Democrats have signaled that they are willing to do what's necessary to make sure Trump's presidency helps all Americans. As they should. NYT columnist Charles Blow put it this way:

We need a Trump presidency to succeed to some degree — at least to have it do as little harm to the republic as possible — in order for America to remain safe, steady and strong during his tenure.

But if Republican leaders have any notion that they can run roughshod over us, they will have to contend with more than 60 million Americans who share Hillary Clinton's values and will fight to defend them.

The long view is never easy, but at a moment like this we have to keep in mind that the road to justice is never linear. There are setbacks (and this is a big one), but knowing that there are more than 60 million fellow Americans standing with us should give us strength as we fight for the ideals of fairness and equality for all.

As we embark on this treacherous journey, we can both defend our principles and exemplify them: Decency, dignity, compassion, justice for all.