63 percent of Americans now believe Trump has obstructed or impeded Russia probe


A majority of the country — though not of Republicans — believes that Donald Trump is actively trying to impede the special counsel's investigation.

Americans overwhelmingly believe that Donald Trump is actively trying to obstruct or impede the ongoing investigation into his campaign's connections to Russian operatives during the presidential election.

A new poll from AP/NORC found that 63 percent of Americans believe that Trump has engaged in such behavior. Overwhelming percentages of Democrats and independents support the conclusion, with 86 and 67 percent, respectively, in agreement.

Predictably, only 24 percent of Republicans agree.

Further, 40 percent of the country thinks Trump has done something illegal in concert with Russia, while 32 percent say what he did may have been unethical but not illegal.

Only 25 percent believe Trump's self-serving and laughable assertion that he did nothing wrong.

Trump continually pressured then-FBI director James Comey to publicly clear him in the bureau's investigation of possible collaboration between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Soon after, Trump fired Comey, and this decision — which could qualify as obstruction of justice — is one of many that are being examined by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Despite the strong suspicions now voiced by the American people, Trump's allies on Capitol Hill are doggedly trying to derail Mueller's investigation. They are citing conspiracy theories and outright lies floated in outlets like Fox News and Breitbart to smear Mueller and those working under him.

But polls like this, as well as a growing sense that Trump has put America on the wrong track — which 52 percent of Americans now believe — show that Trump and his fellow Republicans are on a rapidly eroding island of their own.