The 7 weirdest claims from Trump's latest Fox News appearance


Trump lied about everything from the Green New Deal to his standing in the polls.

Donald Trump appeared on Fox News' "Fox & Friends" Tuesday morning, spending nearly an hour bouncing from topic to topic, and repeating lies and smears against his opponents.

Among other things, Trump promoted conspiracy theories about his political adversaries, repeatedly overstated his support, and falsely argued that windows would be made smaller under the Green New Deal.

Trump issued a veiled threat to Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) for raising doubts about the Trump team's ongoing attacks on Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden with debunked claims about his son, Hunter. Trump said Schiff "ought to be put away" or "something should happen to him."

The language echoes Trump's repeated attacks on Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who was the target of a planned kidnapping after Trump tweeted "LIBERATE MICHIGAN!"

DONALD TRUMP: I saw Schiff, Shifty Schiff, yesterday get up, say "this is Russia." Yeah, I mean, he's a sick man, he is so sick. It is – we went through two and a half years of that, plus. And this guy, he ought to be put away or he ought to be — something should happen with him.

Trump claimed that the Green New Deal, which some Democrats support, would "make the windows from nice windows to little windows." This is not true.

DONALD TRUMP: So, they want to take a building and they want to make the windows from nice windows to little windows. Oh, that's just fine. That was my business, I know all about construction, that's wonderful. Let's take your windows out and make them tiny little windows, because you're going to save two cents on energy.

Trump bragged that America is "doing much better than Europe" in handling the pandemic. But fact-checkers have shown that's not true.

DONALD TRUMP: We're doing much better than Europe, Europe is getting hit pretty hard. We're doing much better, and we will never shut down.

He also said that before "the plague came in from China" he was winning the election and "we were so far ahead." But before the virus hit the United States, Trump was behind Biden in polling. Trump has been behind Biden for over a year, according to RealClearPolitics.

DONALD TRUMP: We're way ahead of where we were, by the way. Especially when you see numbers that are coming in, and we know now for a fact we're way ahead because numbers are coming in. No, look, this election was over until the plague came in from China. We were so far ahead.


The economy was the best ever, you know that. I mean you know that.


But this election was over, and then the plague came in and it affected this country, and it affected many other countries. Look at other countries where a leader was doing a good job, and you know the plague came in, and many of those people are gone, not their fault. They're gone or they were hurt.

Trump tried to assert that he has political strength in Texas, despite polling showing Joe Biden within a few points in the traditionally Republican state. Trump claimed Democrats "want to take away your guns, your oil, and your God.," with no evidence to support those claims.

DONALD TRUMP: What you said about Texas, don't worry about Texas. Texas is with us. They want to take away your guns, your oil, and your God. Okay? That's what they want. They want to take away your Second Amendment, they want to take away fracking and oil, they don't care, they want to take it away, they want the Green New Deal. That's not for Texas. Texas is not going to be losing their guns, and they're not going to be losing their oil, and they're not going to be losing their religion, or their God.

Trump also claimed his campaign is "doing great all over," but he has not led in a national poll in over a year — only with the right-leaning Rasmussen poll. Trump is trailing Biden in polls in battleground states, including states he won in 2016.

DONALD TRUMP: And by the way, we're doing very well, we're going to win the election. We're doing very well. If you look at all of what's happening and all of the people who come in and don't come in, you take a look all around the country. And with Texas early voting, those are our votes too, and we're doing well in Texas – I just got a report, we're doing great in Texas. But we're doing great all over.

To defend his performance in the first debate, Trump cited an unscientific online poll claiming 77% of respondents believe he won. In reality, polling showed that Trump lost the debate.

DONALD TRUMP:  A lot of people said I won, if you look at the Hispanic – very interesting, they did a Hispanic population poll, and I was at 77%, and a lot of people thought, look, when somebody stands there and he lies, lies, lies, I like to challenge it at the time, because you don't have time to go back.

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