After smearing FBI, Trump shamelessly turns to agency as his political prop


Trump lashes out at the FBI every chance he gets — but now he's leaning on them to boost his image.

Donald Trump loves to hold events surrounding himself with law enforcement and military figures to bolster his superficial patriot credentials.

This week, he has set up another such an event for himself. Per ABC News, Trump is going to the FBI National Academy On Friday:

According to the White House, Trump will deliver remarks to graduates of the 10-week national academy program. The academy, according to the FBI's website, is a "professional course of study" open to U.S. and international law enforcement managers of all stripes.

It is not known what he will discuss there, but historically he has used events like this to stoke his own ego, like when he whined about how unfairly the public was treating him to a crowd of graduating Coast Guard cadets.

That treatment, however, is nothing compared to how Trump has treated the FBI.

As the Russia investigation has heated up, Trump has harshly attacked the organization. The key reason special counsel Robert Mueller was appointed in the first place is because Trump fired FBI Director James Comey under suspicious circumstances. He has since declared the FBI “in tatters” and said its standing is the “worst in history,” even though the current director is a Republican and Trump appointee.

Trump’s lawyer has now demanded the FBI be investigated for pro-Hillary Clinton bias, despite the fact that the bureau arguably cost her the entire election, and the fact that anti-Hillary Clinton bias was the pretext he had his own deputy attorney general use to support Comey’s termination.

It is incredibly damaging for a president to talk about, let alone make politically motivated criticisms of, an ongoing FBI investigation. And it is in this context that Trump now plans to attend the FBI National Academy and preen onstage.

Trump has no respect for anyone but himself, and no regard for appearances  as long as his ego is massaged. This is wholly inappropriate behavior from a man tasked to lead the American people.