After Trump's tantrum, 11 nations leave America out of historic trade deal


Eleven nations are set to sign a historic trade deal without the United States, exposing Trump's continued lack of global stature and influence.

While Donald Trump prioritizes golfing and so-called "executive time," foreign heads of state are busy filling a global leadership vacuum left vacant by the United States.

Bloomberg reports that 11 countries — including Japan, Canada, and Australia — have reached an agreement on a historic trade deal, which they expect to sign in March.

The U.S. was part of the original negotiations, formerly known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). But one of Trump's first acts after inauguration was to completely withdraw the country from all negotiations.

And as Bloomberg notes, the deal came in the immediate wake of a reckless move by Trump, while he was home watching his own party shut down the federal government.

"The deal was reached after two days of talks in Tokyo, and came just hours after Trump imposed tariffs on imported solar panels and washing machines — his first major move to level what he says is a global playing field tilted against U.S. companies."

And as per usual, his reasons relied on misinformation and outright lies.

While positions on the TPP in the U.S. were mixed, withdrawing completely means that the nation has no influence over a deal impacting a huge segment of the global economy.

According the the Australian government, the new deal will "eliminate more than 98 per cent of tariffs in a free-trade zone, with a combined GDP of $13.7 trillion."

Trump seems determined to isolate the U.S. from the rest of the world, withdrawing from a place of global leadership to a place of lazy isolation.

And he is succeeding.

The rest of the world thinks that Trump is some combination of arrogant, intolerant, and dangerous. Views on America's global leadership have tanked since Trump took office, falling an astounding 18 points in a Gallup poll. And he has also managed to tank tourism numbers to the U.S., costing the nation $4.6 billion and 40,000 jobs in that industry.

President Barack Obama spent eight years rebuilding the nation's credibility on the global stage after George W. Bush's reckless cowboy diplomacy mired the U.S. in multiple wars.

Trump has managed to undo any progress that was made in barely one year. Not only has he lost the respect of global citizens, he has lost the trust of other global leaders.

From withdrawing from the Paris climate accords to insulting the United Nations to badmouthing NATO, Trump has done all in his power to alienate world leaders. His proposed cuts to global development programs were met with worldwide shock and anger.

It is no wonder that new power structures are developing around the globe that don't involved the United States.

Trump is an unreliable, chaotic leader who cannot be counted on. He has squandered any possible goodwill, and exhausted any benefit of the doubt that world leaders were willing to expend at the beginning of his term.

World leaders are moving on together. Trump and America are left behind, alone with nothing but "executive time" outbursts to remind us of how far we, as a country, have fallen.