Informal Trump adviser fantasizes about 'politically' killing Mueller


Trump ally and informal adviser Alex Jones fantasized on his program about killing special counsel Robert Mueller.

Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist who has repeatedly discussed how he is in direct contact with Trump and has advised him on issues, fantasized on his show about murdering special counsel Robert Mueller.

Jones went on an unhinged rant, which has often been the hallmark of his show, and baselessly accused Mueller of being a "monster" who "controls" pedophiles. He then went on to describe Mueller as a "demon I will take down, or I'll die trying."

Miming shooting a gun, Jones said, "We're going to walk out in the square, politically, at high noon, and he's going to find out whether he makes a move man, make the move first, and then it's going to happen. It's not a joke. It's not a game. It's the real world. Politically. You're going to get it, or I'm going to die trying, bitch. Get ready. We're going to bang heads. We're going to bang heads."

Jones and other pro-Trump conspiracy theorists have repeatedly accused their political opponents of being pedophiles or covering up pedophilia. Jones was one of the key figures in promoting the false "Pizzagate" conspiracy that led to a disturbed gunman firing a gun in a D.C.-area pizzeria. The gunman was a listener of Jones' show.

Jones is best known for popularizing the false ideas that the U.S. government was behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks and that the Sandy Hook school massacre was faked. He is currently being sued by parents of slain Sandy Hook students.

Unfortunately, Jones' extremism and detachment from reality has been given a boost because of his association with Trump.

According to Jones, Trump has repeatedly called him directly to discuss issues. Jones said Trump called him to ask if he was "happy" with his performance as president. Jones also said that Trump or his sons "watch every night."

In fact, one of the conspiracy theories Trump has often promoted while sitting in the presidency, in which he claims that a "deep state" within the government is sabotaging his administration, comes from Jones.

During the presidential campaign, Trump appeared on Jones' program and praised him for having an "amazing" reputation.

Additionally, dirty trickster Roger Stone, who has served as a Trump political adviser for decades, is part of Jones' operation. Stone regularly appears on Jones' shows and has even hosted programming on Jones' YouTube channel. Stone is linked to the Russian hackers who stole emails from the Democratic Party during the presidential campaign.

Jones has gone from the fringes to become an informal White House adviser, all thanks to Trump. Now Jones is using his program to send a violent message to his followers about Mueller, engaging in fantasies about assault in service to the Trump administration.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.