Americans raise millions for Doug Jones as third poll shows him beating Roy Moore


Alabama Senate candidate Doug Jones is experiencing a surge of donations, as millions of dollars pour in to his campaign in the wake of the child abuse scandal facing Republican Roy Moore.

Alabama Democrat Doug Jones  is experiencing a massive surge of donations to his Senate campaign. The grassroots support comes as his opponent, Roy Moore, continues to lash out at the media and at his fellow Republicans.

Moore stands accused of child molestation and sexual misconduct with several women.

NBC News reports that Moore was collecting $250,000 a day immediately after the news about the Moore accusations surfaced.

One Democrat told NBC that donations to Jones were "Ossoff-level money," referring to the campaign of Georgia congressional candidate Jon Ossoff, who pulled in $30 million for his unsuccessful effort to win a deep red seat Republicans have held for nearly 40 years.

Ossoff's opponent went toe-to-toe with him, but Moore's funds have been depleted from the tough Republican primary. National Republicans also dealt a blow to his campaign when they eventually pulled the plug on a joint fundraising effort this week.

Well-known Democrats like Sens. Chris Murphy, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Tim Kaine have helped to raise funds for Jones.

Jones previously served as a U.S. attorney, and successfully prosecuted two members of the Ku Klux Klan for the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church.

Polling is also beginning to move in Jones' favor.

A new poll from Gravis shows Jones currently leading Moore 47 percent to 42 percent. Other recent polling has shown different margins of victory, but are all leaning to Jones.

The race is still a considerable uphill climb. In 2016, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton 62 percent to 34 percent in Alabama, and the state hasn't gone Democratic since 1976.

But Jones' resume, and the disturbing revelations about Moore and his combative response, have created an opening. Voters across the country see it, and they are expressing that support with this donation surge.

It could make the difference and keep an alleged pedophile out of the U.S. Senate.