Trump isn't fooling anyone: Most Americans think White House is a mess


There's no method to any of the Trump administration madness.

His chief of staff reportedly thinks he's an "idiot." His former secretary of state allegedly referred to him as a "fucking moron." And senior advisers in the Trump administration continue to head for the West Wing exits.

Trump angrily claims that everything's fine, but most Americans see what's going on — and they think the White House is a complete mess.

"More than three in five voters, 62 percent, say Trump’s administration is running very or somewhat chaotically — nearly twice as many as the 32 percent who say it’s running very or somewhat well," Politico reports, according to a new Politico/Morning Consult poll. "Moreover, the percentage of voters who see chaos in Trump’s White House has increased modestly, but steadily, in recent weeks."

Chaos has defined this administration.

Trump in his first year and a half in office has already lost four cabinet members, which obliterates the previous White House for chaotic turnover.

Meanwhile, at least 43 percent of Trump’s top advisers have left their positions or been fired since Inauguration Day, according to figures compiled by Kathryn Dunn Tenpas of the Brookings Institution.

And according to a tally from NBC News, 23 Trump nominees have failed to be confirmed or never even made it through the confirmation process.

White House aside, Trump can't find lawyers who are willing to defend him from special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation either.

Not surprisingly, there’s growing concern of a personnel “death spiral” in the West Wing.

"Trump’s mercurial decision-making practices, fears of being drawn into special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation and a stalled legislative agenda are keeping top-flight talent on the outside," the Associated Press reported this spring.

From nominating someone who's completely unqualified to run the Veterans Affairs department (only to watch his nomination implode), to being caught in at least 3,000 lies as president, Trump's record of failure and deceit is epic. And there's no hiding that from public view.

Trump is governing as a total disrupter. The problem is there's no method to his madness.