America's weatherman humiliates Rush Limbaugh for risking lives in midst of hurricane


Rush Limbaugh is promoting dangerous conspiracy theories about hurricane warnings, claiming that they are part of the climate change "agenda." Weatherman Al Roker slammed him for making the unfounded claims and allegations.

"Today" show weatherman Al Roker called out Rush Limbaugh for promoting conspiracy theories about Hurricane Irma. Roker accused Limbaugh of "putting people's lives at risk" and said his behavior "borders on criminal."

On his syndicated radio show, the right-wing radio host and influential conservative (just days before, Mike Pence appeared with him) slammed advance warnings about the dangerous storm. Limbaugh said he was "leery" of the warnings because meteorologists largely believe in climate change and use hurricanes "to advance this climate change agenda."

Limbaugh went on to implicate local television stations and retailers who are allegedly part of the "vicious circle" of organizations who seek to profit from warning and panic over storms.

Roker, who has been covering the weather for 43 years, slammed Limbaugh on his Twitter account. He told his followers "do not to listen" to Limbaugh, and characterized his ranting about a weather conspiracy as irresponsible.

Irma has winds that have been clocked at 185 mph, and it is a Category 5 storm that is 450 miles wide. The National Hurricane Center says such storms mean "catastrophic damage will occur" and notes a " high percentage of framed homes will be destroyed" with power outages that "will last for weeks to possibly months."

"Most of the area will be uninhabitable for weeks or months," the Center says.

The storm has already made landfall in the eastern Caribbean and is on track to hit several other islands before reaching Florida.

Conservatives like Limbaugh — and many members of the Trump administration — have such a pathological revulsion to climate change science and attempts to mitigate it that they are willing to see lives sacrificed.

If that means broadcasting lies and conspiracies to thousands, Limbaugh is game.