An emotional Chris Cuomo nails Trump's racism: 'This is what he has been, always.'


Donald Trump has always been racist. It's time to say so.

There is nothing new about Donald Trump's despicable and overt racism. But the willingness to dismiss, excuse, explain, or minimize it is rapidly disappearing in the wake of his most recent ugliness.

In a meeting with congressional leaders Thursday, Trump described Haiti and African nations as "shithole countries" — an atrocious comment that was confirmed by the White House, by others who were there, and then, on the record, by Sen. Dick Durbin, who said Trump "repeatedly" used "hate-filled, vile, and racist" language.

The collective disgust at Trump's sentiments has been widespread and incredibly powerful. Many members of the media have passionately condemned Trump's statements, including CNN's Chris Cuomo, who pointedly noted that Trump's racism isn't new at all — it's who he has always been.

CUOMO: Make no mistake. I'm second generation in this country. I'm profoundly connected to my immigrant roots, my desperate grandparents, from a country that was considered a shithole by people like the president. This is what he thinks of the places and the people that have fed the lifeblood of this country from its inception. He prefers, he says, to have more people from Norway. This is who he is. This is what he has been, always. And the White House isn't even trying to hide it anymore. CNN was told by a staffer that the base will agree with this latest slur like they did with the NFL player stuff. Think about that.

Cuomo certainly speaks for so many Americans whose stories are the same: of families who are proud to have come to America from countries Trump vulgarly deems undesirable. His hateful disdain for them and their families is so contrary to American values and so profoundly beneath the dignity of his office.

But we knew that from day one, when he announced his presidential campaign by attacking Mexicans as "rapists." And at every moment throughout his campaign, and his presidency, when he has displayed blatant racism that should have no place in America and certainly not in the Oval Office.

This is who he is and who he has always been, and the only question is when his own party will say "enough."