Anderson Cooper busts GOP lawmaker's defense of Trump: 'That's lying'


Watch the CNN host take down Rep. Lee Zeldin in seconds.

Trump's defenders are making excuses for him to avoid being interviewed in the Russia probe, but their best excuse is that Trump is just a liar.

Donald Trump has reportedly been advised by his lawyers not to testify for special counsel Robert Mueller, even though Trump himself has publicly promised to do so on multiple occasions. Trump defenders' favorite excuse for this has been that Mueller may be setting a dastardly "perjury trap" for Trump, an excuse that met its match in just seconds Monday night.

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) appeared on CNN's "AC360" to flack for Trump and was asked by host Anderson Cooper if he agreed that Trump should refuse to answer questions for Mueller.

Zeldin began with a lie, stating, "I'm not aware of any evidence whatsoever that there has been any collusion at all between President Trump and the Russians" — despite copious evidence.

"Probably the biggest risk if he was talking to his own attorneys with regards to a meeting is just a trap," Zeldin continued, before listing others he felt had been similarly "trapped."

"I mean, Michael Flynn didn't get in trouble for underlying activities that he was being asked about," Zeldin said. "It was the fact that, you know, when Peter Strzok and the others were asking him about it, he didn't tell the truth. Same thing with Papadopoulos pleading guilty to lying to the FBI."

Cooper destroyed that excuse in mere seconds, noting "But that's not a trap. That's just lying."

Indeed, both Flynn and Papadopoulos got caught lying to the FBI — and pleaded guilty to it.

Therein lies the real peril for Trump. His propensity for lying under oath is well-known to his lawyers, and everyone else. But the real danger is that Robert Mueller has access to countless documents and testimony, including that of cooperating witnesses Flynn and Papadopoulos, as well as Trump's own self-incriminating public statements.

Trump is definitely at risk if he testifies for Mueller, but the only trap he'll fall into was set by his own lies.