Daily Cuomo: Our health care workers are 'incredible, just incredible'


Donald Trump recently implied that health care workers have been stealing vital medical equipment.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) praised health care workers for their response to the coronavirus in a statement to the press on Tuesday, describing their actions as "incredible."

Cuomo's comment starkly contrasted with recent rhetoric from Donald Trump.

A week ago, Trump baselessly accused health care workers of stealing medical supplies. Trump claimed that a "tremendous power" in the medical business purportedly told him that surgical masks provided to hospitals are "going out the back door" of hospitals in New York City.

"When you go from 10,000 masks to 300,000 masks," Trump said, "there's something going on."

New York's governor, meanwhile, has had nothing but praise for the health care workers risking their lives every day.

From an April 7 press briefing:

REPORTER: Have you considered line of duty death benefits, similar to that passed after 9/11, for city workers that die of COVID?


ANDREW CUOMO: It's something that I think is going to come up and I think its an important thing to look at. I'd also like to find a way to say thank you to these health care workers who are out there every day.


You know, we talk to them on the telephone but — what they have done is just incredible. Just incredible. And not just the health care workers. I mean, the health care workers, just think of their mindset: Walking to that E.R. every morning, putting on these gowns, putting on all this protective clothing, having to change the protective clothing several times a day, seeing people pass away, and then go home and deal with the stress at home.


But also the first responders, the transit workers, you look at the rates of sickness — I mean, they know what they're exposing themselves to and they still do it. I mean, just, God bless them.

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