Daily Cuomo: States don't want to fight the government — they need help


The Trump administration has repeatedly said that states should not rely on the federal government for help with equipment to fight coronavirus.

From an April 3 press conference:

NEW YORK GOV. ANDREW CUOMO: There's a lot of conversations about how we should respond to this governmentally or from an intergovernmental perspective. People want to say, "Well, this is a state's rights question versus federal interference. Who should decide what's done on a state level?"


There is no governor who is arguing that their states' rights are being trampled, right? So it's not a states' rights issue. No one is standing up saying, "The federal government is trampling my rights." I've said that on other occasions but no governor, Democrat or Republican, is saying that here.


Every state is saying the same thing: "I need help. I need assistance." So I don't consider this a situation where the federal government is interfering with a state's right, this is a situation that is a — by definition — a national disaster emergency situation where the states need and welcome the federal assistance.

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