Daily Cuomo: 'Did we really need to be in this situation?'


On multiple occasions, Donald Trump downplayed the danger of coronavirus.

From an April 10 press conference:

ANDREW CUOMO: How did this happen? I mean, I still want to know, how'd this happened? Because, the warning signs were there. And if you don't know the answer, then how do you know it's not going to happen again, right? Fool me once …


January, you go back and look at the headlines in January, and you see questions and you see warnings.


Now, they were all over the map, but we saw what was happening in Asia, we saw what was happening — starting to happen — in Europe.


Where were the international experts saying, "Well, if this is happening there, this is what we should expect to happen in the United States," or prepare to happen in the United States?


January, February, you still had sources in this country saying, basically, there's nothing to worry about.


You know, how did that happen? And did we really need to be in this situation where the United States winds up with a higher number of cases than the places that went before?

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