Former FBI director 'absolutely' concerned Trump would leak intel to the Russians


The former acting director of the FBI said Trump's coziness with Russia is a cause for concern.

Former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe told CNN Thursday morning that he would be concerned to share secret intelligence with Trump out of a fear Trump would share those details with our adversaries.

McCabe was asked about the issue because a recent report revealed American intelligence officials are deliberately keeping Trump out of the loop on a cyber-operation targeting the Russian power grid. The reason: They are afraid Trump would share the intelligence with Russia.

"Would you be scared in their situation that he would leak those details?" McCabe was asked.

"Well, I think we've seen the president speak impertinently to our foreign allies in the past," McCabe said on "New Day."

"We've seen with conversations the president had with the Russians in the Oval Office where our Israeli intelligence was allegedly exposed," he continued. "So is there concern to think that the president might speak out of turn and reveal things that others would not? Absolutely, there's that concern."

McCabe was referring to a 2017 incident when Trump disclosed highly classified intelligence from Israel to Russian operatives who were visiting Trump in the Oval Office. At the time, the U.S. did not have permission to share that intelligence with Russia, and Trump's reckless actions may have jeopardized key assets in the fight against ISIS.

Trump's relationship with Russia was a concern before he was in the White House, and his attitude toward Russian leader Vladimir Putin has been worrisome during his tenure.

And now, the former acting FBI director has warned on national television that Trump cannot be trusted to keep state secrets for fear he will betray the country he swore to defend.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.