GOP congressman: People against reopening 'don't understand rules of economics'


Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) previously said doctors should be more concerned about the economic fallout of the pandemic, rather than death tolls.

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) is very focused on reopening the economy no matter what.

On Monday, in an interview with a local TV station, Biggs suggested people shouldn't listen to doctors advising the country to remain shut down and said doctors should instead "help revitalize the economy."

In an interview on Thursday with conservative radio host Todd Starnes, Biggs said people concerned about reopenings don't understand the underlying economic questions.

TODD STARNES, host: And of course we've seen the governor of Georgia, and he seems to be the one that the mainstream media has targeted here, Brian Kemp, a Republican, one of the three southern states — South Carolina, Tennessee — deciding they're going to reopen for business.


And it's — they're almost accusing the governor of putting people in harm's way by reopening things. And my question here, congressman, I mean, when exactly do these people want the country to reopen?


REP. ANDY BIGGS (R-AZ): Well, they don't want it to reopen, I mean, because — I've heard people say they want it stay closed (sic) to 2022, for Pete's sakes.


They don't — they fundamentally don't understand rules of economics, so if you stay closed, the longer you stay closed, the more likely that we go into full-on depression, the more people who are unemployed, more people lose their life savings when their small businesses collapse, more people lose the value of their IRAs, their pension funds.


It doesn't matter whether you're in a business or not, they have — they invest in the market, believe me, and they have pensions and so if you work for a company that has a pension fund, it's probably down in value.


They don't appreciate that.


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