GOP congressman: Biden must have 'cognitive issues' because he's not anti-immigrant


Since taking office, President Joe Biden has undone Trump administration policies designed to hurt or marginalize immigrants.

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) said on Friday that he believes President Joe Biden is suffering from "cognitive issues" that have led him to undo some of the harsh anti-immigrant policies from leftover by the Trump administration.

Biggs made his comments in an interview with Newsmax TV's "Wake Up America" while discussing migrant border crossings, which Republicans and hate groups have repeatedly characterized as a "border crisis."

Asked about why Biden would undo the widely criticized Trump policies, like family separation, Biggs said he was "not sure" that Biden "has the mental cognition" to understand "everything that's going on around him, particularly about the border."

After going on to falsely claim that Biden's policy was "open border[s]," the host Rob Finnerty asked Biden if he thinks "the president is having some cognitive issues."

"Yes," Biggs replied, citing as evidence a verbal slip from Biden in which he left "vice" off of Vice President Kamala Harris' title.

"He can't seem to do anything without a teleprompter," Biggs added. "I'm not sure he knows whether what's going on."

Biggs' attack was a rehash of attacks against Biden that were frequently made by Republicans and Trump during the presidential campaign. They, along with their allies in conservative media, like Fox News, repeated the claims about Biden's mental state without being able to cite any proof.

Despite those campaign messages, Joe Biden ended up receiving the most votes for any presidential candidate in American history.

Biggs has a history of supporting false attacks and extremism. He was recently one of 12 Republicans who opposed a resolution honoring the Capitol Police who responded to the attack on the Capitol by pro-Trump rioters — because the resolution mentioned the insurrection.

Biggs also worked to overturn the legitimate results of the 2020 election, claimed that impeaching Trump for his role in inciting the Capitol attack would inflame ongoing belief that the election was stolen, opposed congressional efforts to condemn racism, compared supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement to organized crime, and alleged that rules to stop the spread of COVID-19 were in violation of "religious liberty," to name a few.

From the March 19 edition of Newsmax TV's "Wake Up America":

ROB FINNERTY, host: Joe Biden, he was in the Senate for what, more than forty years, he was Vice President for eight years, there is no more Washington insider, Washington creature, than our current president.


My question is, how did he completely miss that undoing a Trump policy at the border that was working would end up with something like this less than 60 days into his presidency?


ANDY BIGGS: Well there's two things I think that drive that. Number one, I'm not sure he knows – has the mental cognition to know everything that's going on around him, particularly about the border.


But the second thing is, never forget this has been a key policy desire of the left for decades almost, they want to bring in people to refill their voting coffers, so to speak. This is an open border policy, it's an open border administration, he campaigned on that. Politically, I'd say they're tone-deaf, except for I think they don't really care.


This is what they wanted, and this what they're getting.


FINNERTY: You mentioned that, do you think the president is having some cognitive issues?


BIGGS: Yeah I do. I mean, yesterday he called Kamala Harris "President Harris."




BIGGS: He can't seem to do anything without a teleprompter, and when he was asked about this just a week ago, as he's going off the stage, he says, "Yeah, we've got a solution, God willing."


I'm not sure he knows whether what's going on, and he needs to get down to the border to check it out, that's for sure.

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