Another one bites the dust: Members of Trump's 'digital economy' board resign


Yet another circle of Trump administration advisers is abandoning him as the administration falls to pieces.

As Trump continues to horrify the nation with his refusal to clearly disavow white nationalism in the wake of the deadly neo-Nazi riot in Charlottesville, his private-sector advisors have been bolting.

Earlier this week, the President's Manufacturing Advisory Council and Strategy & Policy Forum disbanded after its CEOs stepped down in protest. On Thursday, Trump gave up on creating a similar council on infrastructure. On Friday morning, the President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities folded as well, sending Trump a harsh letter proclaiming that it "would have made us complicit" to ignore his "hateful rhetoric."

But it did not end there. Vice has reported that members of the Digital Economy Board of Advisors are now also resigning.

One member, Markle Foundation CEO Zoe Baird, rebuked Trump over Charlottesville in her resignation letter.

"It is the moral responsibility of our leaders to unite Americans by respecting the diversity and inclusion that enables our country to generate new opportunity and celebrate freedom," she wrote. "In order to preserve these cherished values, there must never be equivocation in denouncing hate, bigotry, violence and racism.

One by one, the Trump advisory boards are all pulling out. They have decided that this administration cannot be redeemed.

Nor are they alone. Trump has been facing the condemnation of everyone from military leaders to professional athletes to right-wing tabloids to Wal-Mart.

His family businesses are also losing support. The Cleveland Clinic, Ohio's second-largest employer, announced it is canceling a planned fundraiser at Trump's private Mar-a-Lago club.

Trump's choice to be soft on white supremacy was a colossal abdication of leadership, and he is now facing disastrous consequences.