As Hurricane Nate nears US landfall, Trump arrives at his golf resort for luxury getaway


Hurricane Nate is preparing for landfall along the Louisiana gulf coast, and once again, Donald Trump is going golfing. That's not leadership — that's just lazy.

Not to be outdone by Nero, who fiddled while Rome burned, Donald Trump seems intent on golfing while America drowns.

As yet another hurricane prepares for landfall on American soil, Trump arrived at the Trump International Golf Club in Virginia.

Hurricane Nate is roaring through the Gulf of Mexico and expected to make landfall sometime late Saturday night or early Sunday morning. Winds are expected to top 90 miles per hour, and the hurricane is on track to land almost exactly where Hurricane Katrina did in 2005.

Like water rolling downhill, Trump seems intent on following the path of least resistance.

He recently declared a pre-emptive state of emergency in Louisiana. But — even though his response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico has been widely panned as inadequate and incompetent — Trump still insisted on spending the weekend at his luxury golf course.

MSNBC's Kyle Griffin noted the absurd statistics surrounding Trump's golf fixation:

And even as folks in Louisiana are evacuating, Trump spent his morning tweeting a series of unhinged complaints about not seeing his face on television enough.

On his way to the front 9, Trump did manage to stop complaining long enough to feign interest in those who will soon be impacted by the hurricane, noting that FEMA is prepared for the response. There's literally no less he could possibly do at this point.

We're just lucky that Louisiana is not surrounded by "big water."

Trump yearns for praise and fawning accolades. Unfortunately, he is either too lazy or too incompetent to deserve it, especially in this scenario.

Or, perhaps, he is both too lazy and too incompetent, as he himself consistently proves.

And going golfing — again — while America braces for yet another natural disaster is just another in a long string of instances that show Trump is unfit for the office he occupies.