As terrorist attack unfolds in New York, Trump attacks black journalist


Trump's racism doesn't take time off for anything, even an apparent terrorist attack.

On Monday morning, New York City's Port Authority Bus Terminal was rocked by an explosion, the result of an apparent attempted terrorist attack. One man is in custody after reportedly detonating a pipe bomb that may have malfunctioned, injuring four but killing no one.

As that story unfolded, however, Donald Trump was too busy engaging in his favorite pastime of attacking prominent black citizens to comment on the attack, instead singling out CNN's Don Lemon for mockery while New Yorkers weathered another morning of terror:

Trump's attack on Don Lemon is just the latest in an unrelenting pattern of Trump administration viciousness toward prominent black Americans, including Sarah Huckabee Sanders' recent attack on civil rights hero Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), the White House's all-out campaign against legendary White House correspondent April Ryan, Trump's demand that ESPN reporter Jemele Hill be fired for criticizing him, and his relentless attacks on NFL players protesting racism.

This pattern is no accident, as evidenced by the fact that Trump sang quite a different tune before his political success depended on nakedly appealing to white supremacists:

Given Trump's usual responses to terrorist attacks, perhaps he did us all a favor by ignoring it, but what he did choose to speak about during such a fraught moment speaks volumes about his priorities, and his presidency.