As Trump team racks up guilty pleas, Kellyanne Conway demands someone prosecute Hillary


Kellyanne Conway really wants to know why Hillary Clinton is not in prison, even as Trump’s associates start admitting to federal crimes.

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia reached new stages last week, as former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn pled guilty to lying to the FBI, Trump confessed to obstruction of justice on Twitter, and Trump’s lawyer insisting it is legal for the president to break the law.

But as far as counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway is concerned, that is irrelevant. To her, the “real” story is a report stating the FBI fired a federal agent who worked on the Hillary Clinton email case after learning that he texted supposedly anti-Trump comments to an FBI lawyer he was sleeping with.

On Monday, Conway insisted to Fox News that this is proof of a massive conspiracy to shield Clinton from criminal charges:

CONWAY: We know that she lied numerous times, we know that she BleachBitted and deleted over 33,000 emails, we know that a lot of America — a majority of Americans in all polling — say that she was neither honest nor trustworthy, it’s part of why she lost. And yet you do hear people constantly asking, when will she be held to account? I know she’s got a pretty bad fate of not living and working [in the White House]. But this is what frustrates people. And now this revelation that a decidedly, definitively anti-Trump FBI investigator was involved in the Hillary Clinton interviews — as the president says, it’s now starting to make a lot of sense. And of course, this is in the shadow of — this is in the context of never ending investigations here, of — of the Trump transition, of the Trump campaign, you know, of possible collusion, which the president said, as recently as Saturday, simply does not exist. So it’s very frustrating to many, many law-abiding Americans who look up and see a double standard, always see special exceptions, for Hillary Clinton.

As a reminder, there is still zero evidence Clinton lied to the FBI or Congress about anything, despite extensive investigations. And the fact that the FBI removed the one agent among several working on the Clinton case who displayed political bias would appear to undercut the claims of Trump allies that he is handling the investigation improperly.

Moreover, Conway’s continued dismissal of the investigations into the Trump team's collusion with Russia is contradicted by the fact that Flynn and Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos have now both pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about their conversations with Russia.

Conway desperately wants a distraction from Trump’s worsening legal problems and the indisputable fact that members of the Trump team have admitted their guilt.

But a year after the election, and a year and a half after the resolution of the Clinton investigation, Conway’s deflections go from the realm of disingenuous to simply pathetic.