Bad news for Trump in new NBC/WSJ poll


Individual polls should always be taken as a snapshot in time and not a final determination of where an election stands. With that caveat in mind, Donald Trump's team has to be alarmed at the latest NBC/WSJ poll.

Hillary Clinton has weathered one of the toughest periods of her campaign and Team Trump can't be happy about his 7-point deficit in the new NBC/WSJ poll:

Notably, Trump's unpopularity is more than double Clinton's. Let's see if pundits who keep claiming the two candidates are "equally disliked" change their narratives.

A question now looms over the 2016 race: Why can't Trump close the deal?

With a few tweets and demeaning nicknames, he handily dispatched some of the most powerful and well-funded Republicans in the country. And despite a monumental and well-documented effort by the national media to tilt the playing field in his favor, he's still struggling against Hillary Clinton.

It says something not just about his weakness, but about her strength.