Former prosecutor: Barr made 'extraordinary political commercial' for Trump


Attorney General William Barr gave a biased press conference aimed at protecting Trump.

On Thursday morning, Jeffrey Toobin, a former federal prosecutor, lambasted Attorney General William Barr's sham press conference about the Mueller report.

The press conference was nothing more than biased commentary favoring Trump, Toobin said on CNN.

"It was much more ringing in its endorsement of the president's conduct than even the press conference several weeks ago," Toobin said, referring to Barr's four-page summary of the Mueller report.

"I mean, it was an extraordinary political commercial for the president," he added.

Toobin criticized Barr for intentionally leaving out the fact that Trump never sat down for an interview with Mueller's team during the course of the investigation.

Toobin described an interview with Trump as "the single most important piece of evidence that the Mueller investigation could have gotten, they didn't get."

Toobin wasn't the only person disgusted by Barr's performance.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) called the press conference "an embarrassing display of propaganda," and called for Barr to release the full, unredacted Mueller report to Congress in a statement shortly after the press conference ended.

Sen. Chris Murphy (C-CT) described Barr's performance as "an attempt to spin a report nobody has read yet," and also called for an uncensored version of the Mueller report to be shared with Congress.

"The American people deserve the full report so they can decide for themselves on these findings," Murphy added.

The Department of Justice will release a censored version of the report late Thursday morning, but it has not committed to allowing Congress or the public see all of Mueller's finding.

Instead, Barr hopes he can just use spin and propaganda to cover up Trump's shady activities.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.