Biden calls on Trump to resign for his failures on coronavirus


Donald Trump admitted in February to downplaying the virus, even though he knew it was airborne and deadly.

Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday night called for Donald Trump to "step down" from the presidency, citing Trump's deception on the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We have to be honest with the American people," Biden said in a town hall on CNN, criticizing Trump for repeatedly downplaying the severity of the virus that has killed nearly 200,000 Americans.

In comments to journalist Bob Woodward in February, Trump said he intentionally downplayed the virus, even though he knew at that point that it was airborne and deadly.

From a Sept. 17 CNN "Presidential Town Hall with Joe Biden":

JOE BIDEN: And look, this is all about one thing: the stock market. He doesn't want to see anything happen, it's all about his reelection. It should be about the American people. And they're in trouble.


And if we don't do it—and by the way, his own CDC director contradicted him recently, he said if in fact you just wore this mask, nothing else but this mask, you would save between now and January another 100,000 lives.


And so, we have to be honest with the American people. We're tough. They know it, as Franklin Roosevelt said, "things get worse and worse before they get better and better, but you've got to level with the American people, shoot from the shoulder."


There's never been a time they've not been able to step up. This president should step down.

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