Border Patrol chief: I only joined racist Facebook group to answer 'Jeopardy!' question


Carla Provost is seeking to minimize her role in the recently exposed Facebook group.

Acting Border Patrol chief Carla Provost said on Monday that she only joined a secret Facebook group — in which border patrol agents exchanged cruel messages mocking migrant families who have died attempting to seek refuge in the U.S.  — to answer questions about "Jeopardy!"

Provost was asked about her decision to join the group when she appeared before a House Appropriations subcommittee.

"I did not even know at the time what group I was on or whether I was on a group," Provost claimed. "I did a search for myself — and because people were talking about the fact that I had been on a Jeopardy question — so I searched myself and that came up." She said she commented on a post within the group "because my agents were talking about me."

"I did not know at the time what group that was on until the posting came out."


Provost's membership in the group was reported on July 12, 11 days after the group had first been exposed, and after Provost issued a statement about it. In her original statement, she did not mention her membership.

"Have y'all ever seen floaters this clean," one poster said in the group of a picture showing a father and his two-year-old daughter who drowned while attempting to cross the Rio Grande.

The agents also posted vulgar and sexist memes about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who has criticized the agency for its harsh treatment of immigrants.

One photo was manipulated to show the congresswoman performing oral sex along with the message "Lucky Illegal Immigrant Glory Hole Special Starring AOC."

Despite railing about a host of issues both to reporters and via Twitter, Trump has not mentioned the group.

The group is now under investigation, while Provost, its most well-known member, is a key person involved in executing American immigration policy.

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