Breaking: Trump-Russia investigation has uncovered 'concrete and corroborative evidence of collusion'


The Guardian is reporting new details about Donald Trump's connections with Russia, including a source noting "concrete and corroborative evidence of collusion" between them.

The Guardian reports that the ongoing investigation into Donald Trump's campaign and potential cooperation with Russian attempts to influence the election has uncovered more evidence of wrongdoing.

The British paper quotes a source saying, "They now have specific concrete and corroborative evidence of collusion." The source added, "This is between people in the Trump campaign and agents of [Russian] influence relating to the use of hacked material."

Trump's campaign is currently being investigated by the FBI and committees in the House and Senate.

Richard Dearlove, the former head of the British Secret Intelligence Service, recently told an interviewer that Trump owes money to Russia, and that has put him in a compromised position that "lingers" over his presidency.

GCHQ, the British intelligence agency that is the equivalent of America's NSA, reportedly became aware of suspicious "interactions" between Trump confidantes and known or suspected Russian agents, according to the paper's reporting, and passed that information on to the United States. One source speaking to the Guardian referred to GCHQ's role in the plot as "principal whistleblower."

Other European nations became aware of related information, and passed that on as well, including Germany, Estonia and Poland. Australia also sent along intelligence on Trump-Russia contacts.

According to the Guardian's source, the message the agencies were communicating to America was: "There are contacts going on between people close to Mr. Trump and people we believe are Russian intelligence agents. You should be wary of this."

As part of the Trump administration's ongoing disinformation campaign to detract from Russia revelations, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer recently tried to implicate GCHQ in Trump's made-up and thoroughly debunked story that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower.

GCHQ's spokesperson slammed Spicer's rumormongering — a story he sourced to Fox News — as "utterly ridiculous" and something that "should be ignored."

Revelations about Trump and Russia continue to mount, and none of them have put him in an improved light. Trump's attempts to change the subject and move focus, either through spin, military action, or petty whining about President Obama and his administration bluster are not working. He is being exposed.