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Judge dismisses Trump campaign lawsuit to throw out ballots in Georgia

The Trump campaign had no evidence that the ballots were counted illegally.

By Emily Singer - November 05, 2020
Donald Trump

A lawsuit by the Georgia Republican Party and the Trump campaign to stop ballot counting was dismissed on Thursday, after a judge ruled that there was no evidence that absentee ballots were illegally counted.

The lawsuit is one of a number filed by the Trump campaign in critical swing states seeking to stop counting absentee ballots, even though the ballots were legally cast.

It’s a desperate ploy by Donald Trump and the GOP to steal the election, as it becomes increasingly apparent that he is on track to lose to Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

The Georgia lawsuit asked to the court to stop ballot counting in Chatham County — a Democratic stronghold that includes the city of Savannah. Biden currently leads the county with 57.7%, according to data from the New York Times at the time of publishing.

The lawsuit was based on an allegation from an “observer” that 53 ballots were illegally counted because they were received after 7 p.m. on Election Day. However, the observer had no proof of this claim. A federal appeals court had previously ruled that absentee ballots in Georgia had to be received by the time polls closed in Georgia.

Georgia is incredibly close, with Trump leading Biden by just 14,765 votes.

Trump’s margin has continually shrunk as election officials across the state continue to count absentee ballots.

Many of the remaining ballots come from Democratic strongholds like Chatham County, and Biden’s campaign believes that with the remaining votes, Biden has a good shot of winning Georgia’s 16 Electoral College votes. Election experts agree that Biden has a good chance at victory in the Peach State.

Without those Electoral College votes, Trump likely has no path to victory.

Meanwhile, Bob Bauer, a lawyer for Biden’s campaign, said the lawsuits filed by Trump and his allies “don’t have to have merit” and are simply being used to “create an opportunity for them to message falsely about what’s taking place in the electoral process.”

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