Children's advocate takes on Republican who wouldn't fund schools


Ginny Klevorn will fully fund Minnesota schools if she's elected to the state legislature — while her opponent, Sarah Anderson, won't even allow school funding to keep up with inflation.

Ginny Klevorn, a mediator and an advocate for children, is working to take on a Republican state representative in Minnesota who has refused to fully fund the state's schools.

Klevorn is running for the seat in Minnesota House of Representatives District 44A, which encompasses the city of Plymouth.

The seat is currently held by Sarah Anderson, who has a history of voting to short-change Minnesota schools.

As Klevorn pointed out in a campaign ad, Anderson has only voted to increase education funding by about 30 cents for every 1 dollar increase that has been ultimately approved by the legislature.

"In Plymouth, we are willing to pay the taxes necessary to educate our children," Klevorn said in the video.

But currently in Minnesota, she said, "when we look at the per-pupil funding for our students, we are not even keeping up with inflation. Our children deserve better."

Klevorn currently serves as guardian ad litem for the juvenile court in Minnesota's 4th district. She says she does so to represent "the best interest of children in need of protection."

Klevorn has been endorsed by Education Minnesota. The group says the 2018 election will have a "profound impact on public education and our students," and says the candidates it chooses to endorse are "committed to that cause."

Klevorn also has the support of Craig Paul, who served as the principal of Wayzata High School for 15 years.

"Ginny Klevorn advocates and works to achieve the highest quality education for every child," Paul said in his endorsement. "Ginny is a problem-solver who knows the value and importance of investing in education."

Anderson is already under fire for her cozy relationship with the NRA, even amid rising concerns about school shootings.

Klevorn makes a strong case that she is on the side of Minnesota's children, while Anderson refuses to vote in their best interests.