Chris Cuomo destroys Kellyanne Conway for the second time in 10 days


Kellyanne Conway was blindsided when Chris Cuomo reminded her the shutdown was a manufactured GOP crisis.

Kellyanne Conway has not fared well lately in her TV appearances.

10 days ago, she made a fool of herself on CNN by telling host Chris Cuomo that nobody at the White House ever talks about Hillary Clinton, in the same breath that she brought up Hillary Clinton unprompted.

Then on Monday night, she sparred with Cuomo again — and walked away just as bruised as last time.

When Cuomo slammed Donald Trump's handling of the immigration debate, Conway inexplicably responded by jabbing Cuomo for calling out her obsession with Clinton in the aforementioned previous interview. "We don't do that on CNN, right? You don't want me to mention the woman whose name we don't say anymore, right?"

"Listen to yourself. When you speak, you must also listen to what you are saying," said Cuomo, clearly losing patience.

He reminded Conway that a wall would not actually do anything for to fight drug traffickers, to which Conway responded by rattling off statistics about deaths from illegal drug use.

"You want to talk about the deaths, they matter. We're talking about the rationale behind the supply, which you're dead wrong about, and you're using to advance a narrative that if you just put up a wall, everything's fine," said Cuomo.

Conway then bizarrely claimed Cuomo was just disappointed the government shutdown was over. "I know today was a big loss, a big kick in the gut, cause we traded in the Russia graphics for the shutdown graphics, and now that's done."

But Cuomo did not rise to the bait. And he reminded Conway of the entire reason negotiations in Congress blew up.

"CHIP? If you cared about it, you would have done something months ago. You did nothing. DACA? If he wanted a 'bill of love,' he would never have attached anything to a DACA bill. If you care about the DREAMers, you do a clean bill, you don’t attach other security concerns.”

"And by the way," added Cuomo, "you say Democrats don’t care about security? I’m 180 degrees from you. I don’t know why they were willing to give in on the wall."

Cuomo exposed every single one of Conway’s lies in rapid-fire succession.

Conway seems to believe that the faster you talk, the more lies you can get away with. Unfortunately for her, Cuomo was faster with the truth.