Clinton campaign releases unnerving preview of 2017 news coverage


The Clinton campaign offers a glimpse of the future should Donald Trump win the election. It may be only speculation at this stage, but it is definitely not hyperbole.

The team at Shareblue recently asked people on Twitter to share with us their visions and fears of a Donald Trump presidency. The results were frightening and dire. But based on the candidate's own words and actions, they are also entirely plausible.

The Clinton campaign has just released a video touching on the topic of a Trump presidency:


Headlines about Muslims being banned from the country, massive deportation raids, worldwide financial shockwaves, threats of nuclear war, cossetting of Russian imperialism — none of this is conjecture. They are logical predictions extrapolated from Trump's publicly stated views.

And these hypothetical news stories would only be the beginning. That is, until President Trump simply did away with the free press altogether.