FACT CHECK: Hillary Clinton isn't 'going negative' when she repeats Trump's own words


The corporate media's full-throated embrace of false equivalence in 2016 is reprehensible. There is only one candidate who bears responsibility for the avalanche of slime in this election: Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton has run an issue-based campaign that has been ignored by the press in favor of 600 days spent covering her emails.

Polls show that the vast majority of Americans are disgusted with this election. I am one of them. But that disgust is not at a candidate who has rolled out important policies on everything from disability rights to autism to bullying, all while being savagely maligned.

No, my disgust is at the candidate who has openly condoned sexual assault and who, along with his merry band of sleaze-merchants, has dragged our national discourse into the mud and kept it there for 18 months.

With days to go until America picks a president, the corporate media (with a few notable exceptions) continue with their abominable coverage of the race, pretending that Clinton's warning about Trump's own promises and her recitation of his own words somehow reflects bad character on her part.

The facts are inescapable, no matter how hard pundits try to spin them: Trump is a loathsome man who looks at ten year old girls and talks about dating them. Clinton is a lifelong public servant who has devoted herself to the cause of women and children and who has been subjected to one of the most extreme character assassinations of all time.

We'll all be glad when this nightmare is over, but let's not blame Clinton for Trump's dirty politics.

Here are two videos that illustrate who these two candidates really are. There is nothing remotely equivalent about them.