Clinton's massive ground game reaches 14.5 million people in final weekend


Hillary Clinton's commanding ground game has allowed her campaign to focus on an extraordinary get-out-the-vote (GOTV) effort. During the final weekend of the campaign, they made 14.5 million voter contacts.

Hillary Clinton has campaigned hard throughout this entire election, whether she was ahead in the polls or trailing. She has not taken anything for granted, and she has worked to earn every single vote.

A huge part of that has been building a solid and successful ground game, with nearly three times as many field offices as Donald Trump.

And those field officers have coordinated a massive GOTV effort, registering people to vote, urging people to vote early wherever possible, and helping people make a plan to vote on Election Day.

Their strategy is already paying off, with record-breaking early voting turnout. Among Latino voters alone, early voting has increased 129 percent in Florida compared to 2008, and 144 percent in Georgia and 75 percent in North Carolina compared to 2012.

Clinton has had a number of celebrities helping her with GOTV efforts: Beyoncé, Jay Z, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, LeBron James, Stevie Wonder, Jon Bon Jovi, and Bruce Springsteen, just to name a few.

President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Warren and Vice President Joe Biden have joined her on the campaign trail to urge people to register, vote, and vote early if they can.

Her team of staff, surrogates, and volunteers has worked incredibly hard on getting out the vote, too.

All of this matters. But none of it would matter if Hillary Clinton herself were not leading the charge, reaching out to voters on the issues that matter to them — and making it abundantly clear that she wants to be a president for every voter.