Watch two gun owners shut down a shameful attack on Florida teens


Echoing right-wing media, a CNN panelist attacked the Parkland teens. But two gun owners immediately shut down the NRA-style smear.

The conservative media smear campaign against the teenage survivors of the Parkland school shooting showed up during a CNN panel on gun violence — and was quickly shut down by a pair of gun owners.

In the CNN panel, gun owner and Trump supporter Jacob Engels echoed the smear campaign talking points, saying, "You have kids that should be grieving right now, and instead adults are putting them on national television," and arguing the teenagers had been "compromised."

Brooke Baldwin, the CNN anchor leading the panel, broke in: "I've never seen more motivated people come to a camera and want to tell their story about what they demand now."

Scott Pappalardo, who starred in a viral video destroying his AR-15 after the Parkland shooting, then spoke up.

"They're not compromised, they're tired," Pappalardo said, adding, "They watched their friends die, and you're going to bash on them?"

Amanda Meyer, another panelist and gun owner, called out the attack as well, noting, "Being dismissive doesn't solve the problem."

Since the shooting, right-wing outlets have tried to minimize the impact of the teenagers by attacking them as their statements in favor of gun laws continue to resonate across the U.S.

The right-wing media, NRA, and figures like Trump have pushed a destructive message as they find their position in favor of gun violence in the minority in America.

But those cynical actions are not being allowed to flourish. Even gun owners like Pappalardo and Meyer are disgusted by them, immediately calling out the smears while arguing in favor of protecting rights and keeping the country safe.