CNN anchor blasts Trump team lies: 'Writhing hydra of dishonesty'


Some people call Trump's lies 'misstatements,' but they are just lies.

CNN anchor John Berman did not beat around the bush when discussing the recently released memo from Trump's legal team, which revealed that Trump and his staff lied about the infamous Trump Tower collusion meeting.

Berman, who recently took over the "New Day" co-anchor chair from Chris Cuomo, came out swinging Monday morning with a scathing takedown of Trump and his spokespeople.

"The 20-page memo written by the president's lawyers in January opens up a huge can of worms for the White House," Berman said. "Actually, not worms. It's more like a writhing hydra of dishonesty."

"And just like the mythical creature, you chop off one lie, and two more emerge in its place," he continued. "The January letter from the president's lawyers admits that the president dictated what they call a 'short but accurate response' to the fact that Donald Trump Jr. met at Trump Tower with Russians promising dirt on Hillary Clinton. 'The president dictated,' it says."

Berman then played clip after clip of Trump attorney Jay Sekulow saying Trump didn't "write" the cover story, didn't "sign off" on it, and "was not involved," as well as press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders telling reporters that Trump "certainly didn't dictate" the story.

"Certainly he did," Berman said. "So say his lawyers. Now there's a lot of talk about the difference between a lie and a falsehood or untruth. Here, someone is lying. Either the president lied to Jay Sekulow and Sarah Sanders, or they lied to us."

When news first broke of the Trump Tower meeting last year, the New York Times reported that it was Trump who dictated the cover-up story that the meeting was about Russian adoption. After nearly a year of denials by Trump and his team, they have all been exposed as liars.

Berman's takedown of Trump's lies isn't just a feel-good moment for Americans who are tired of the euphemisms that journalists use to avoid calling Trump and his team liars, it is a necessary step in holding this administration accountable.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is scheduled to brief reporters on Monday afternoon, and thanks to Berman's candor, she will likely face a barrage of questions about her role in this cover-up. And eventually, Trump will face these questions in front of Robert Mueller's team, where lying isn't just a job, it's a crime.