CNN reporter shreds Sarah Sanders' new answer on porn actress lawsuit


"It's just not going to fly," said CNN reporter MJ Lee.

Journalists are pushing back on the White House spin regarding the ongoing saga of Trump and porn actress Stormy Daniels.

"It's just not going to fly," insisted CNN reporter MJ Lee, following a confused and bizarre press briefing.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed she had discussed the matter with Trump and tried to dismiss it.

But she also suggested that Trump's legal team had already been victorious in court, with vague references to an arbitration ruling that Trump's attorney had supposedly won. The claim left many reporters scratching their heads.

"The question of whether this is a story that is essentially going to go away, it is not," said Lee. "Sarah Sanders cannot just refer to this arbitration and say, 'This is something we already won in arbitration so this is a done story, nothing to look [at] here.' That simply doesn’t work."

Daniels reportedly received a $130,000 hush money settlement from Trump's personal attorney just weeks before the 2016 election. The settlement blocked her from discussing her affair with Trump.

But on Tuesday, Daniels filed a lawsuit claiming that the agreement is invalid because Trump never signed it. If the court agrees with her, Daniels will then be free to speak publicly about her relationship with Trump.

Daniels is not suing Trump for money; she's suing so that she can tell her story. In fact, if the hush payment agreement is nullified, her attorney suggested that Daniels might return the money.

As for the alleged arbitration settlement that Sanders claimed ended the whole story, Lee isn't buying it.

"According to Stormy Daniels and her representation, they actually weren't even given a heads up about it. So we're still sort of digging into what happened with this arbitration," said Lee.

"But for Sarah Sanders to get up there in the White House briefing room and say, 'Look at this arbitration. This is over so no more questions.' It's just not going to fly."